Sweet Aloha is all about the softness,playness ,happiness of childhood.With our selection you can really go crazy and create your own sweatshirt. Choose your size , sweatshirt color and color of thread to create your word ,name or message.
Choose your size,sweatshirt color and color of thread an your fabric for a truly personalised sweatshirt!

However if you don't fell like creating a sweatshirt, no worries , you will find a range of ready to wear sweatshirts. 

Mommy's boy, Daddy's girl, Petit amour, Petit chou, Love child and Need hugs , classics yet must haves!
They are all easy to put on with a large openig in the back with pressure buttons. Easy peasy , no hassle there!

We promise you new products regularly. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.

Sweet Aloha is a respectful brand and wants te be a relay of love and sweetness.

Sweet Aloha

Children bring us such joy. Those innocent little beings that can brighten up our days.
For them, Sweet Aloha creates cute organic sweatshirts.
Feeling good in what you wear is a happy feeling. You can also create your own sweatshirt.