Our philosophy


Sweet Aloha is a respectful brand full of humanity, a relay of love and sweetness. That’s what we are all about LOVE LOVE LOVE !

Nowadays, dressing "consciously" has become a priority for many of us ... and when it comes to those tiny ones, it's even more delicate. The question of the origin of the fabric, the treatment the workers have received is crucial. When respecting humans, no distinction is possible and the transparency of the production chain is paramount in order to avoid taking part in a dangerous model socially and environmentally.


That's why Sweet Aloha chose to work with OekoTex-certified textiles to ensure that the best cotton is used to make her sweatshirts. Our organic cotton grew in India and was produced in decent conditions by local farmers. The production chain is transparent and the factory with which we work has received the award of Best Corporate Social Responsibilities Practices in February 2017 at the World CSR Congress in Mumbai.


Be positive-Be happy -Play-Laugh-Love -Enjoy-Create-Dare-Imagine-Jump-Sing

Sweet Aloha

Children bring us such joy. Those innocent little beings that can brighten up our days.
For them, Sweet Aloha creates cute organic sweatshirts.
Feeling good in what you wear is a happy feeling. You can also create your own sweatshirt.